Red City Radio - We Are The Sons Of Woody Guthrie chords

Yet another amazing artist with not a single tab online.

I might end up making an actual guitar tab with solo or put it in an update.

These guys are fun, enjoy:)

Intro: D
D Give 'em hell in New York Gabe, Don't let 'em see you down
BmTell all the boys from New York, 'bout that Oklahoma City sound
GWith our hearts raised high in unison, Singing a melody
G DThat's been implanted in the streets for years
A GIt's kind of hard to fall on deaf ears, No!
D - Bm - G - D A
D AThere's no way that you're really gone
Bm G'Cause we captured that spotlight you'll bring it home
D A We've turned our backs on the sun
BmEmbraced the road and chased the moon
G A G Bm GAnd sang along to the stereo, Fuckin Stereo!
Bm A G A G Bm G No matter how close we came
G A D Another band of almost made it fame
D Southbound Broadway extension
G Turn right on 23rd
D There is a perfect picture of poverty
G And it'll be missed when it's gone
Bm GI'm in this hole living my father's dream
DI'm just trying to find a better way out
Bm GAnd in this song where we belong
DI'm just trying to find a better way out
Solo: Bm D G D Bm A G Bm A G A Outro: 2X
D Still here but nothing's changed
A Spread the word wherever we go
Bm A We won't be silenced anymore
D Singing our own refrain
A No broken hearts inflated egos
Bm A We won't be silenced anymore
A G Bm G A--
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