Red Goodbye - Shakespeare Lied tab

Shakespeare Lied
Andrew Horn©

E                              A
The more words, the less meaning
C#                 B         A
So we’ll just say nothing at all
E               A
Your silence and my screaming
 C#                     B          A
And the problems that we couldn’t solve


These miles of memories
Seem to lose there beauty
You’re fine, You’re amazing
Not thinking of me

E                     A
There’s no room to make things better
C#          B           A
“Would you just stop trying?”
E                       A
The last words that I heard from her
C#         B         A
And I can not stop crying
And now that I’ve loved and now that
I’ve lost
C#                          A                                               What I feel 
says that Shakespeare lied
Because it wasn’t worth the cost
               Bm                    C#
Of all of the places that I can not visit
       A                     E
Just a reminder of all of our time
                 B                  C#
And all of this music only seems useless
      A                     E
In bringing you back into mind

Verse 2
If time heals, I’m not ageing
Been here so long
Can’t help from shaking
Lord, make me strong



A          B
And if Romeo didn’t love
Juliet so damn much
A                              F#
Then He’d still be alive
A             B
And if you hadn’t given up
Tragedy never struck
  A                                 F#-A-E
And I might have survived
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