Red Hot Chili Peppers – Decretacion Smile tab

Rocking song: dececration smile
Rocking band: RHCP
Rocking Tuning: Standard
Guitars: --> guitar 1 - acoustic
         --> guitar 2 - distortion

nice song, try it, it's worth it


here are the chords used the strumming pattern is easy to figure out

guitar 1 C#m E Eadd9E|-4-|-0-|-2-|B|-5-|-0-|-0-|G|-6-|-1-|-1-|D|-6-|-2-|-2-|A|-4-|-2-|-2-|E|-4-|-0-|-0-|
guitar1 Em D CE|-0-|-0-|-0-|B|-0-|-3-|-1-|G|-0-|-2-|-0-|D|-2-|-0-|-2-|A|-2-|---|-3-|E|-0-|---|---|
guitar 1 D A EE|-2-|-0-|-0-|B|-3-|-2-|-0-|G|-2-|-2-|-1-|D|-0-|-2-|-2-|A|---|-0-|-2-|E|---|---|-0-|
play this during the second verse
guitar 2E|-----------------------------|B|-10h12--10--12p10/8--8h10/12-|G|-----------------------------|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
after the 2nd chorus play these
guitar 1 C G EE|-0-|-3-|-0-|B|-1-|-0-|-0-|G|-0-|-0-|-1-|D|-2-|-0-|-2-|A|-3-|-2-|-2-|E|---|-3-|-0-|
do this on top of that:
guitar 2E|--------------|B|-15b17--15/12-|G|--------------|D|--------------| 5 timesA|--------------|E|--------------|
E|-----------|B|-12b13-10/-| <-- slide up the whole barG|-----------|D|-----------|A|-----------|E|-----------|
then another verse then play the intro again i hope this will help you
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