Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane tab

Chorus part:
e--6--6--6--6--...----------6--6--6--6--...---------------D--6--6--6--6--...----------5--5--5--5--...---------------B--5--5--5--5--...----------5--5--5--5--...--------------- ^ ^ ^ ^ I like pleasure... and music is my aeroplane.....
Verse part: (same chords, an octave higher.) SM SM SM SMe--18--18-18------18--18-18------18--18-18------18--18-18---D--18--18-18------18--18-18------17--17-17------17--17-17---B--17--17-17------17--17-17------17--17-17------17--17-17--- ^ ^ ^ ^
The verse is more choppy or staccato, while the chorus is more smooth. Listen to the CD for the correct rhythm. Now could a kind soul tab out the solo? I'm working on it, but... Solomon White NOTATION GUIDE: SM -- slightly muted ------------- ------------- ------------- ^ -- up strum (high to low)
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