Around The World tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Red Hot Chili Peppers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World tab ver. 2

E||-12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12-|B||-12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12-|G||-14b-14b-14b-14b-14b-14b-14b-14b|D||--------------------------------|2 xA||--------------------------------|E||--------------------------------|
All around the world We could make time E||-----------------------------|B||-----------------------------|G||-----------------------------|D||-3-5-3-5-3-5-----3-5-3-5-----|A||---------------5-----------5-|E||-----------------------------|
Rompin' and a stompin''Cause I'm in my primeE||-----------------------------|B||-----------------------------|G||-----------------------------|D||-3-5-3-5-3-5-----3-5-3-5-----|A||---------------5-----------5-|E||-----------------------------|
Born in the north And sworn to entertain ya 'Cause I'm down for The state of Pennsylvania I try not to whine But I must warn ya 'Bout the girls From California Alabama baby Said hallelujah Good god girl I wish I knew ya Ab Gm I know I know for sure Fm Cm That life is beautiful around the world Ab Gm I know I know it's you Fm Cm You say hello and then I say I do Riff Come back baby 'Cause I'd like to say I've been around the world Back from Bombay Fox hole love Pie in your face Living in and out Of a big fat suitcase Bonafide ride Step aside my Johnson Yes I could In the woods of Wisconsin Wake up the cake It's a lake she's kissin' me As they do When they do in Sicily Ab Gm I know I know for sure Fm Cm That life is beautiful around the world Ab Gm I know I know it's you Fm Cm You say hello and then I say I do
Riff Where you want to go Who you want to be What you want to do Just come with me I saw God And I saw the fountains You and me girl Sittin' in the Swiss mountains Me Oh My O Me and Guy O Freer than a bird 'Cause we're rockin' Ohio Around the world I feel dutiful Take a wife 'Cause life is beautiful Ab Gm I know I know for sure Fm Cm $%%&*^&^$#$@##%&^*(*(&%%^$%$ Ab Gm I know I know it's you Fm Cm &*%^$#@#$%^&*&()**%%$#@#$%*% Ab Mother Russia do not suffer Gm I know you're bold enough Fm I've been around the world Cm And I have seen your love Ab Gm I know I know it's you Fm Cm You say hello then I say I do
3x outro.
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