Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster tab

Red Hot Chili peppers
Love RollerCoaster
This tab for Dimebag, take it easy man.

This is my first song so give me an email if there are any things that are needed to be fixxed.

GUITAR:1|-77--55--44-4444--55--77-| Played throughout whole song2|-77--55--44-4444--55--77-|3|-88--66--55-5555--66--88-|4|-99--77--66-6666--77--99-|5|-99--77--66-6666--77--99-|6|-77--55--44-4444--55--77-|
BASS:1---------------------| Played throughout whole song2---------------------|3-00---------------00-|4----33-22-2222-33----|
Chords is basically all it is man, any suggestions feel free to give me an email.
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