Red Hot Chili Peppers – Parallel Universe chords

Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chili Peppers

(Capo 5 in original) but thats easier to sing and play

Intro: (All Barré):  Gm  F  Am   A#   D (C Bb A) Gm

Gm F Am A# Deep inside of a parallel universe, It’s getting harder and harder
D (C Bb A) Gm To tell what came first
Gm F Under water where thoughts can breathe easily,
Am A# D (C Bb A) Gm far away you were made in a sea - Just like me
Gm A# DChrist I’m a sidewinder, I’m a California king
Gm A# DI swear its everywhere, its everything
Gm F Staring straight into the sky oh my my
Am A# D (C Bb A) Gm a solar system that fills in your eye microcosm
Gm FYou could die but your never dead spider web
Am A# D (C Bb A) Gm Take a look at the stars in your head field of space kid
2x Chorus Fill (very fast): Gm D D# C x 8
Gm FPhysic changes are born in you head entertain
Am A# D (C Bb A) Gm A nervous breakthrough that makes us the same - Bless you heart girl
Gm FKill the pressure its raining on salty cheeks
Am A D (C Bb A) GmWhen you hear the beloved song I am with you
2x Chorus 8x End: Gm F Am A# D (C Bb A)
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