Red Hot Chili Peppers – Brendans Death Song tab

Artist:Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album:I'm with you
Tabbed: Paja_94

e/--------------------------------------------------------/B/--------------------------------------------------------/G/-----5--------------------------------------------------/D/----(6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)---------/A/----(6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)- (6)---------/E/----(4)- (4)- (4)- (4)- (4)- (4)- (4)- (4)- (4)---------/ 2X
D# C# Am# Fm live and die before i get it done, G# will you decide. D# C# Am# Fm i'll take my words and turn them into sounds, G# it will survive. D# C# because a long time ago, Am# Fm G# i knew not to deprive. it's safe out there and now you're everywhere, just like the sky. and you are love, you are the love supreme, you are the rye. and when you hear this, you know its your jam, it's your goodbye. Chorus: G# D# like i said you know i'm almost dead, Fm you know i'm almost gone. G# and when the drummer drums, D# he's gonna play my song, Fm to carry me along. G# D# like i said you know i'm almost dead, Fm you know i'm almost gone. G# D# and when the boatman comes to ferry me away, Fm to where we all belong. *In the part "come get me" play F5 (133xxx) till the chorus Comment, rate, love it... :-***
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