Red Hot Chili Peppers – Even You Brutus chords ver. 2

Left handed
Song Title: Even You Brutus?
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: I'm With You

Intro: Cm - Am - Cm - G#m - A# - Bm

Verse 1:

Cm God is good and fate is great / When it feels
Gmso strong It's hard to wait / You never know
Cmhow it might unfold / Hearts to break and bodies
Gmto hold / Time will tell but it never gets old
F D# Bm Like I told you I'm in for a long long...
Verse 2:
CmHad to have been one of those things / That took place in
Gmouter space / A match made in heaven / Not a scratch on her
Cm face / Angels must have smoked some dust
Gm Singing songs 'bout in God we trust / Some things
F D# Dm A#m Bmslide but this is a must / Like I told you there's a time for finding out
Verse 3:
Cm People try to tell me / What not to do / You shouldn't
Gmmake it with a younger girl
Cm Too many chances / For the foot to drop / I tried to
Gmtell them that I found a pearl
F D# Bm Like I told you be careful what you're asking for
Gm Dm Dm C#mHey, sister Brutus / I've got a
Cm Gm Dmmess of a better half
Gm Dm Dm C#mHey, sister Judas / Even
Cm Gm Dmyou never had my back
Verse 4:
Cm She was the cutest thing / That I ever did see
GmDrink in her hand and I don't mean tea / She was with a
Cmdude / But I just didn't care / I had to find out
Gmthese moments are rare / And Stevie says
F D# Bm'All is fair' / Like I told you there is something for everyone
Verse 5:
Cm Well I guess I never told you some things / That I
Gmreally really wanted to say
Cm Did I do everything that I could do / Or did the
Gmmice just need to play
F D# Bm Like I told you there is more than meets the eye
*Chorus* then *Intro* Verse 6:
Cm I'm not trying to point fingers at you / And I'm
Gmnot trying to lay any blame
Cm But when it comes to the punishment / Girl you
Gmknow how to bring the pain
F D# Bm Like I told you, I'd do it all again
*Chorus* Final Chorus (alternate second line):
Gm Dm Dm C#mHey, sister Brutus / There's a
Cm Gm Dmfury to the woman's wrath
Gm Dm Dm C#mHey, sister Judas / Even
Cm Gm Gmyou never had my back
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