Red Hot Chili Peppers – Did I Let You Know chords ver. 2

Capo: 1st

Intro: (Bm    A Asus4 A     Bm     A Asus4 A)

Verse 1:

Bmi'm comin for you cause cause i adore you and
A Asus4 Ai'd like to get inside your mastroduction
Bmthis indecision has has got me cringin well
A Asus4 Ai can't resist the smell of your seduction
Bmdid i let you know?
would you like to go
A Asus4 A unwrap the package with a mutt persuasion
Bmdid i let you know?
would you like to go
A Asus4 Ai wanna dance to every day's occasion
E F#m E F#mthis i know, yeah this i know! (take me home, well take me home)
A Bm F#mthis i know we not alone! (take me home, take me home)
Verse 2:
Bmwhen we invision, lack of division and
A Asus4 Athe planet does another revolution
Bmthe day i blew on ya you said i grew on ya
A Asus4 Aturns out that we are all the one solution
[sax solo]
Bmi'm comin at you well, you are the cap too and
A Asus4 Ai like the sound of your articulations
Bmwant to arouse her and maybe espouse her well
A Asus4 Ashe showed me love with out the stipulation
[chorus] [guitar solo] Verse 3:
Bmi wanna lean on you, get jan and dean on ya
A Asus4 Ait's time to sway a little mass perception
Bmi like your cheeky well, so mose and peaky and
A Asus4 Ai think the world could use a clear connection
[chorus x2]
Bmdid i let you know?
Awould you like to go? x3
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