Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar tab

Artist: Red House Painters
Song: Songs For A Blue Guitar
Album: Songs For A Blue Guitar
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo I)

A:    002220
Bm:   2244--
C:    032010
D:    000232
Dsus: 000230
Em:   022000

Intro:D-A-Em x6

Verse 1 Chords:
D       A                   Em     D
   When everything we felt failed
          A                    Em     D
And some music soft in distant sails
       A                       Em      D
But it don't sound like it did before
        A                          Em       G  Em   D
Then I know I'm left with nothing more than my own soul

Verse 2: Use verse 1 Chords
When pretty pictures face back
But your coats aren't hanging on the rack
And blue water turns to
A place that I can't get to, a place that I can't

Verse 3: 
     A           Bm           C                  G    D   
In a room all I feel, is the cold that you left
         A             Bm           C                  G           
Through the air all I see, is your face full of blame
Em      A       D  Dsus Bm  G       A        D  Dsus D  
What's left to see,         what's there to see

SOLO: (played slowly so listen to CD to follow along) D A Em D A Em D A Em D A Em e|-2-2/3/2-0----2-2/5-0-2----2-2/5-5--9--7---3-5----------------|B|-----------3------------3-----------------------3-2--5-3------|G|----------------------------------------------------------5/3-|
Verse 4: Use Verse 3 chords In the room all I feel Is the cold that you left through the air all I see is your face full of blame what's left to see what's there to see what's left to see
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