Red House Painters – Michigan tab

Artist: Red House Painters
Song: Michigan
Album: Old Ramon
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

non-standard chords:
Asus: 002200
Fm:   244222

Intro: E Asus (repeated)

E      Asus          E               Asus
I see through your thin cotton dress 
I don't know if we'll get dressed 
So pull by that store parking lot 
You know I've missed your lots 
Warn me of the cans and knots 

                Bm                    Asus
I don't need a house in Lake Michigan 
                Bm                     Asus
I don't need a purpose to plan within 
                E                    Asus
I just want to feel your pulse again 

Down town the exits just around 
Can't you smell our future good and well? 

I'll take you upstairs show you my bed and things 
Share all my thoughts and cares 

Fm           E               Fm                E
Here is my heart here is my soul  (here is my heart here is my soul) 
Fm             E              Fm                  E
You pushed me past my lonely door (you pushed me past my lonely door)
C             G       E   Asus
You are my everything 

September a time of in betweens 
Lazy month of nothing 
All rainy gutters rushing 
They're all true 
All the good things you say 
Will they all pass 
Quit like the clouds today? 

They'll be there in your pretty dreams 
All full of colour and sense of things 
You blow breath of life in me 

I felt this way the night before 
You pulled me from this heavy floor 
You are my everything 
You are my everything
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