Red House Painters - Byrd Joel tab

Artist: Red House Painters
Song: Byrd Joel
Album: Old Ramon
Tabbed By: Don Tago

Standard Tuning: (Capo III)

-you have to listen to the song to get the rythum, its
 kinda complicated/

Intro: C F C F C F C

Verse (Same Chords for all verse)
C         F        C     F        C    F        C
My baby sleeps in blue Warm and naked pale and pretty 
I feel the seventh wave Of the ocean in the motion 
I feel a brand new sickness Coming over me like a storm 
Used to feel so good beside her 
There next to her my arm around her 

She fell like flowers Petals where carried out on my old wind 
Landed down in the centre of this Lonely white grip of winter 
She brought these gifts of love I carried down in my pocket 
I set then on my shelves And on the night stand by my bed 

Chorus: (same chords for all chorus)
G               F                 C   F   C
She sleeps and won't come back again 
From pretty dreams that keep her 
My baby won't back again 
I feel so lost without her
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