Red Label - Haggis tab


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 96 13:50:45 0000
From: Mike Belmonte 

"Haggis" by Red Label

	O.k. this one's from my band, Red Label.  It's one of our favorite 
songs that we created.  So, Here goes:

Riff 1 (Verse)

B    A    G     
7    5    3
7    5    3
8    6    4
9    7    5
9    7    5
7    9    3

Riff 2 (Chorus)


it goes like this:

Riff 1 5x
(after 1st time, drums come in)
Riff 2 2x (just guitar, heavy distortion)
Riff 2 4x (rest of band comes in)
Riff 1 2x
Riff 2 4x
Riff 2 4x

for solo, just play anything

and the words go like this:

My actions don't replace the words
Reactions don't fill empty space
Don't try to pull one over me
Because I can't forget your face

Yeah Yeah we all forget 
Yeah Yeah get over it
Don't Really care no more
so just get over it
too many times you lose
can't take much this abuse
just go to hell and stay
hear me and go away

(repeat above part for verse 2)

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