Red Light Company - When Everyone Is Everybody Else tab

This song is quality and also stupidly easy to play, i think this band are so interesting!!


Guitar 1 - Quietly at first, but then get louder with main riffe|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|
Guitar 2 - Main riffe|10-9-12-12-12-|B|x--x-x--x--x--|G|7--6-9--9--9--|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
This is the bassline for most of the song, I thought i'd tab this too :)
Guitar 1 - I'm not sure if this is played very quietly or not at all, doesn't really cos it sounds finee|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|
Guitar 2 - I'm pretty sure nothing is played in the verses Chorus is the same as the Intro
Post Chorus - Guitar 2e|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|7/11~----11\7~-|A|---------------|E|---------------|
Verse again Chorus again Break - Wait to come in
Guitar 1e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|00000-00000-000-00000-00000-000-|E|--------------------------------|
When Main Riff comes back in play tremoloe|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|
Guitar 2 - Just strum this chord a few timese|9~---|B|10~--|G|9~---|D|-----|A|-----|E|-----|
Then play the Main Riff tremolo until the Chorus comes back in Chorus
Guitar 1 - Outroe|------------|B|------------|G|12-11-6-666-|D|x--x--x-xxx-|A|10-9--4-444-|E|------------|
Guitar 2 plays Main Riff until end of song
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