Red - Never Be The Same chords

Artist: Red
Song: Never Be The Same

Never Be The Same
Tune down 1 1/2 steps (C#)

Verse 1
A C# E F#m A I know you, who are you now? Look into my eyes if you can't remember
C# B Do you remember? Oh
A C# E F#m A I can see, I can still find, You're the only voice my heart can recognize
C# B But I can't hear you now, yeah
A F#m E I'll never be the same, I'm caught inside the memories, The promises
B A F#m Our yesterdays, When I belonged to you, I just can't walk away
E B A C# Cause after loving you, I can never be the same
E F#m A C# And how can I pretend I never knew you?
B Like it was all a dream, no
Verse 2
A C# E F#m A I know, I'll never forget, The way I always felt with you beside me
B And how you loved me then, yeah
C# E You led me here, But then I watched you disappear
F#m A B You left this emptiness inside and I can't turn back time
C# E F#m No, stay, Nothing compares to you, Nothing compares to you
A B C# E F#m A B A I can't let you go, Can't let you go, I can't let go...
I'll never be the same, not after loving you, not after loving you, no Chorus
A F#mI can never be the same
E I will never be the same
B A F#m E BWhoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
A C# EI just can't walk away
F#m A C# BNo, I can't walk away from you
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