Redeeming Souls - Hungover tab

Redeeming Souls,Hungover.
Tabbed by Royoshi,
Tune the first three strings down to

You have to have a whammie bar on your guitar for Riff

Riff A: (whammie, use an up and down swing of the whammie to make it sound like it is two steps down then come back up to normal)E-0-0-00-1-0B-0-0-00-1-0G-0-0-00-1-0C-0-0-00-0-0G-0-0-00-0-0D-0-0-00-0-0repeat 6 times
Riff B: (verse 1 and 2)C-4-5-4-000G-4-5-4-000D-4-5-4-676
Riff C: (verse 3, hard part)C-3-4-3-45-6G-3-4-3-21-0D-3-4-3-21-0
Riff D: (outro)i am unsure of last part but i think its rightC----------------------------21G-23-7-5-23-8-6--2-4-7-11-15-20D-23-6-4-34-9-7--1-3-5-10-13-18 :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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