Redeeming Souls – Japan Man tab

Redeeming Souls,Japan Man.
Tabbed by Royoshi,
*This song is unreleased.  It cannot be found on napster or any music grabbing internet programs but it can be found on the single of Luke-A.

Drop D (DADGBE)IntroE--------20:--19:--18:--17:--16:15:14:B--------20:--19:--18:--17:--16:15:14:G--------20:--19:--18:--17:--16:15:14:: means to use the side of your pick and just touch it onto those frets, no strumming***intro should be played in that downward pattern down to fret 2.
Riff 1 (verse intro)E---------111p-------14-221pB---------111p-------12-221pG---------111p----------221pD--000----111p---001----221pA--000----111p---001----221pD--000----111p---001----221p
Riff 2 (verse)A--000---345---000p--346---000-----------------23pD--000---345---000p--346---000---14-11-8-5-2-0----
Riff 3 (after he says japanese dude i really hate you)D---------------------------------------------4-5-4-3A---443-1p---443-1p---443-1-443-1-443-1-456-1-4-5-4-3D---443-1p---443-1p---443-1-443-1-443-1-456-1-4-5-4-3
Pre Outro D----0-1-3-6-10-15-21-24: Final outro is like the begging execpt for with a E--24:-23:-22:-21:-20:-19:-18:-17:-16:-15:-14:-13: steady pattern and you only play to fret 6 and still on the top three strings This part you may not get so if you have any questions, please e-mail at see ya :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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