Reef – Undone And Sober tab

Undone and Sober
Written and Performed by Reef
Tabbed out by musicladuk

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Chords Used

G - 355433
A - 577655
A5 - 577xxx
B5 - 799xxx
D - 557775
G5 - x355xx
D5 - x577xx

Riff 1

Riff 2 D--5s7--0--5/7--0- Riff 3 G-5-5h7p5--5-5--5h7p5-- Intro Riff 1 then Riff 2+3 Verse Riff 3 Chorus G G A5 B5 D A A5 B5 How will I pick myself up again After chorus goes into G E G A Then after 2nd chorus goes into quite bit G--11s5--11-11s14s5---11s5-7p5--11--14s5 Then power chord bit A5 G5 D5 A5 And so on Beutiful song.
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