Reel Big Fish – Brown Eyed Girl tab

Brown eyed Girl - Reel big fish

Intro: --3--5--7--5--3---|-6--8--10--8--6 ------------------|--------------- --4--5--5--5--4---|-7--8--10--8--6 etc. ------------------|--------------- ------------------|--------------- ------------------|---------------
Main: (You can play a mix of D and D7 to get sort of a fill at the end of each verse) G C G D Hey, where did we go days when the rain came G C G D Down in the hollow playing a new game G C Laughing, and a running, hey, hey G D G C Skipping and a jumping in the misty morning fog, G D C D G Em with our hearts a thumpin' and you, my brown eyed girl C D G You, my brown eyed girl bridge: D7 Do you remember when we used to sing G C G D7 Sha la la la la la la la te da Just like that G C G D7 G Sha la la la la la la la te da la te da Now that I'm all on my own I saw you just the other day My, how you have grown Cast my memory back there Lord Sometimes I'm overcome thinkin' 'bout it Makin’ love in the green grass Behind the stadium With you, my brown eyed girl You, my brown eyed girl Play bridge again I havnt done this properly its just basic to help you guys out if you wanna know how to play this song. And you've got to add some jangling.
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