Reel Big Fish – Why Do All Girls Think Theyre Fat tab

Song: Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat?

Band: Reel Big Fish

Album: Keep Your Reciept (1996)

Transcribed by Tim Bryant. 

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This is an awesome song by my favorite band, Reel Big Fish. If you're 

feeling preety procrustanatic when you're looking at this tab, don't be because its probably coz you havern't heard the song. The song is on Keep Your Reciept, a 5-song album released before Turn the Radio Off.  

Anyway, here it is:

Intro: (quiet)

E--2-2------0---2---3--3--------------B--3---3----2---3---3----3------------G--2-----2--2---4---4------4----------D--0--------2---4---5--------4-4-2---- (Played 3x)A----------------------------------4--E-------------------------------------
D A Bm G 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 Go!
D A B G This is played 4x. The 4th time, play this riff instead of the one above:
(Note: This riff: D--4-4-2-0- is played many times during the song, and is called simply "riff" in my transcription.) Verse:(all bar chords, and played fast. Listen to CD for rythym.) Seeing as I'm a nice guy I've given you the lyrics with the chords in it so you can go ahead straight away and strum it for ya mom!!! D A F# G There's a (little girl) on my mind. (Little girl) all the time. (Little girl) there's always one. (Little girl) look what she's done. G C B (Heavy Palm mute) She drags a tear from my eye. G C B (Palm mute) You know I sure hate to lie. G A D A Why can't you stay here, you know it's so beautiful, G A D D D (riff) and how come all girls think they're fat? Chorus: D D A B G (riff) Hey Hey Hey She's so pretty. D D A B G (riff) Hey Hey Hey My friend. D D A B G (riff) D D B A G Hey Hey Hey I feel stupid. Again. (Back to: D A F# G) (She said) it's all right. (She said) come over tonight. (She said) my mom's not home. (She said) I'm all alone. G C B (palm mute) She took me back to her house. G C B (pm) She pushed me down on the couch. G A D A She said it's all right, we're gonna be good friends, G A D D D (riff) cause the kissing only leads to the end. (Repeat chorus) Over bass solo: D A F# G Guitar Solo: (*the low part is played on a second guitar)
Then play chorus 2x, and that's it! I hope this sounds good to you. Let me know of any other ways of playing this song, especially the solo. I'm Spent Timmy
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