Reel Big Fish – Bust A Move tab

This song can be found by rewinding before the FBI notice on the DVD for "Our Live 
or watching

The basic chord progression is E, G, G#, F.E||--0----0----------------|--3----x--4----x--5----|--5----5------------||B||--0----0----------------|--3----x--4----x--5----|--5----5------------||G||--1----1----------------|--4----x--5----x--6----|--6----6------------||D||--2----2----------------|--5----x--6----x--7----|--7----7------------||A||--2----2----------------|--5----x--6----x--7----|--7----7------------||E||--0----0----x--x--x--x--|--3----x--4----x--5----|--5----5------------||And then there is some improvisation after each bit, I think over the chord of C.
This is my first tab, sorry if it sucks but I just had to be done.
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