Reel Big Fish – We Care tab

Reel Big Fish - We Care
Tabbed By: Bert
album: Why Do They Rock So Hard?

palm muted, clean:
G  E  C  D
D               G                  E
Thanks for the money, thanks for dancing
 C                 D
Singin along, and everything you do
G          E                   C
  We just want you to know we care
We care

N.C.                   G                 E
Thanks for callin us sellouts and not takin a joke
C             D    E    F#   G
Talkin shit, covering us with spit
G         E               C
We're so glad to know you care
We care
C B A                       C
      And we're sorry that so many people
C B A            C
      Got to enjoy our music
C B A               C            D
      By hearing us on the radio
palm muted, distorted: G B E C D We love you, we love you, because you really understand G B E C D We love you, we love you a lot, we always thought..... G F# E F#
clean, pick individual notes from chords: N.C G E And I'm not talking about everybody C D G G (<--dist. power chords) I'm sorry to waste a song at a time like this G E C We're so lucky to have you there D we care C B A C And I know that some of you get it C B A C And you're not ashamed to admit it C B A C D That you're still with us after all
repeat the "We love you..." part a bunch of times the end tabbed out 10/18/02 by =bert=
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