Reel Big Fish - Live Your Dream tab

Intro/Horn Intro/Verse

e--3---3---5----|b--3---4---6----|g--3---3---5----|d---------------|a---------------|E---------------|You say, I do everything the wrong way, maybe ill do it your way, then maybe someday, be just like you
Pre-Choruse -------------------|b -------------------|g --4----5----7------| x4d --5----5----7------|a --5----3----5------|E --3----------------|But I Say, Im gonna do it my way, the "I might fail but ill try" way, Well that's been but its okay, I'll do what i wanna do
Choruse----------------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------------|g -----------5--7---------5--7-----------------|d--2--5--7--5--7---5--7--5--7------------------|a--2--5--7--3--5---5--7--3--5------------------|E--0--3--5---------3--5------------------------|
Cause I dont wanna live your dream, i dont want, to live, your dream (Repeat Verse, Pre-Chorus, and Chorus)
Bridgee--------------------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------------------|g----------------------0--7--55555--4--55555-4-----| (x2)d--7--4--5------2--4-------------------------------|a--7--4--5-----------------------------------------|E--5--2--3-----------------------------------------|so try to hold me if you want, try to control me if you want, but you wont keep me down not your clown ive got to find my own way now, so try to hold me if you want
e -----------------------|b -----------------------|g -2222--4--555555--4----| x2d -----------------------|a -----------------------|E -----------------------|
e -7-7-7-7-8-10----------------|b --8-8-8-8-8--8---------------| x2g -----------------------------|d -----------------------------|a -----------------------------|E -----------------------------|But i say, im gonna do it my way, the "i might fail but ill try" way, well thats been but its okay, Ill do what i wanna do
e ------------------------|b ------------------------|g --4--5--7---------------|d --5--5--7---------------|a --5--3--5---------------|E --3---------------------|
then repeat chorus, and ska lick from beginning and thats it!
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