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"Down Together" - The Refreshments
(from the album "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy", 1996)

Tabbed by Des McKinney
All the lead guitar parts are listed first (there're
a bunch of them for this song). If you're playing
it by yerself, just ignore all the riffs here, and
go with the chords listed below with the lyrics
(Chord chart at end). For the most part, it's just 

INTRO: (The rythym guitar is just playing the chords
        with some right-hand muting)

E F# A Be:-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|B:-----|-----|-----|----------------5--7b(9)(7)|G:-----|-----|-----|----------4--6-------------|D:-----|-----|-----|-------6-------------------|A:-----|-----|-----|----7----------------------|E:-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
E F# A Be:-----|---------0------0---|-----------|------|B:5----|-----9---9b(10)-7h9-|7----------|------|G:-----|--------------------|---9--6--9-|------|D:-----|--------------------|-----------|------|A:-----|--------------------|-----------|------|E:-----|--------------------|-----------|------|
RIFF1: (This and RIFF2 are played together at the start, but separately later in the song)
E F# Ae:---------|-------------------|--------------------|B:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|G:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|D:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|A:7--7--7--|7/9---9--9-----9---|9-/12--12-12----12--|E:---------|-------------------|--------------------|
E F# Ae:---------|-------------------|--------------------|B:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|G:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|D:9--9--9--|9/11--11-11----11--|11/14--14-14----14--|A:7--7--7--|7/9---9--9-----9---|9-/12--12-12----12--|E:---------|-------------------|--------------------|
RIFF3: (This is just a little thing he does in the 2nd verse) Be:-------------------|B:-------------------|G:-------------------|D:8/9--9--8/9--9--8/9|A:8/9--9--8/9--9--8/9|E:6/7--7--6/7--7--6/7|
RIFF4: (Another little bit of filler before the chorus) A B e:------------------------|--------------------|B:------------------------|--------------------|G:---------------------2--|--------------------|D:-------------2--2h4-----|--------------4--6\-|A:--------2h4-------------|---------4h6h-------|E:------------------------|--------------------|
RIFF5: (Not perfect, but as close as you'll get with a guitar) Be:----------------------|B:----------------------|G:----------------------|D:----------------------|A:----5-----4------3----|E:-7-----6------5-----4-|
A Be:------------------------------|------12----------|B:------------------------12----|12-15----15b17-12-|G:---------12----12-12h14----15-|------------------|D:12-12h14----14----------------|------------------|A:------------------------------|------------------|E:------------------------------|------------------|
E F#e:---12----12----------|---12----12-------------|B:14----14----14-12----|------------------------|G:------------------13-|14----14----14p13-11-19-|D:---------------------|------------------------|A:---------------------|------------------------|E:---------------------|------------------------|
A Be:------------------|-----------------------------|B:------------------|-----------------------------|G:----------9-------|-----------------------------|D:-----9h11---11----|13h14p13-11-11b(12)-9-----9--|A:9h11--------------|-----------------------11----|E:------------------|-----------------------------|
ENDING: (Not really important, but sounds good if you have 2 guitars)
THE SONG: [INTRO] [RIFF1] [RIFF2] E F#m A We could write our names here in the mud B No one's around to see them E F#m A We could hang our shoes here in a tree B No one's around to steal them E F#m A I could give you a star, you could give me one too B That way we'd be even E F#m A And I could sing this song way out of tune B And not care a bit about it [RIFF2] E F#m A We could both wear cowboy hats, and pretend B that we could speak Italian E F#m A I could eat some gum, and make my breath B(W/ RIFF3) so minty fresh to kiss you E F#m A Your breath will smell like wine, I like that a lot B Especially when I kiss you E F#m A And I could hit my funny bone real hard B And you could call me sweatheart F#m A E B And who ever said there's nothing new under the sun A(w/ RIFF4) B Never thought much about individuals But he's dead anyways E F#m A B Lets go down together, down together, let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together Yeah let's go [RIFF1] [RIFF2] E F#m A We could all wear ripped up clothes and pretend B that we're Dead Hot Workshop E F#m A I could drive a long long way and not even have B(w/ RIFF5) the gas to make it back E F#m A We could chase our shadows around the lawn B Until we're both exhausted E F#m A 'N I could forget the words here one more time B and hope that no one notices F#m A E B And who ever said there's nothing new under the sun A (w/ RIFF4) B Never thought much about me E C#m Yeah, well what's good for you is good for me A B And what's bad for you is bad for me E C#m And what's good for you is good for me A B And what's bad for you is bad for me A Cars break down and people break down and other things break down too, so let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together, let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together let's go E F#m A B down together, down together, down together Yeah let's go [RIFF1] [RIFF2] [SOLO] E F#m A We could find a speck of dust and scribble down B [ENDING] our life story CHORD CHART:
E A B F# F#m C#me:-0---5---7---2---2----4-|B:-0---5---7---2---2----5-|G:-1---6---8---3---2----6-|D:-2---7---9---4---4----6-|A:-2---7---9---4---4----4-|E:-0---5---7---2---2---(4)|
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 22:32:42 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: TAB: "Down Together" by The Refreshments Since there are currently no tabs for The Refreshments, I figured I would place the first one in the archive. Although I am not a huge fan of The Refreshments, one of my best friends is. And, as a result, I figured this little bit out. I apologize that this is all I have but I do not even own the CD. Maybe if someone else is interested, they could figure out the leads or the changes. Regardless, here is the main riff.
------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ -2-2-2-------4-4-4-------7-7-7-------9-9-9------ -2-2-2-------4-4-4-------7-7-7-------9-9-9------ -o-o-o--o-o--2-2-2--2-2--5-5-5--5-5--7-7-7--7-7- ------------------------------------------------ *(A)*********(B5)*********(D5)*********(E5)*****
*********************NOTE*********************** As I am sure you already know, these chords are palm muted. However, this might/probably change(s) somewhere in the song but I rest assured that you will know where and when.
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