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by The Refreshments
from Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy
tabbed by J-Punk (

4/4 with a  triplet shuffle.

E: 022100   A: X02220   B: X24442

Verse:|E |A |E |A |E |A |B |B |
Chorus:|A |B |E |A |B |A |

There's really only one main riff as far as I can
remember (My cd's lost in a pile of other cd's and tab books).

x3 VerseE:10-0-9-0-7-0-4-0-|7-0-5-4-5-5-0--|----------------|----------------|----|B:-----------------|--------------*|----------------|----------------|----|G:-----------------|---------------|4-4-2-2-1-1-----|----------------|----|D:-----------------|---------------|------------4-4-|2-2-0-----------|----|A:-----------------|--------------*|----------------|------4-2-0-----|----|E:-----------------|---------------|----------------|------------4-2-|0---|
SONG STRUCTURE -->Feedback (Pitch: D) -->Play Verse Rythym & Riff 1 (x1) -->Play Verse Rythym (x2) over: Well, I'm going to the hardware store. I'm gonna buy you a really big hammer. Girly won't you pull these nails out of my heart. Then I'm going to the sporting goods store. I'm gonna buy you a really heavy baseball bat. Girly won't you knock these thoughts out of my head. -->Play Chorus (x1) over: Beat me `til I'm black and blue and I'm |hangin' by a thread. And I can get back up and we can do it all over again. -->Play Verse Rythym & Riff 1 (x1) -->Play Verse Rythym (x2) over: Well, I'm going to the liquor store. I'm gonna buy you a really big bottle. Girly won't you pour some light into my life. Then I'm going to the firearms store. I'm gonna buy you a really pretty hand gun. Girly won't you blow this mess out of my mind. -->Play Chorus Rythym (x1): Beat me `til I'm black and blue, and I'm very nearly dead. And I can get back up and we can do it all over again. -->Play Verse Rythym under solo (I forget how long it is!) -->Second verse/chorus is the same as the first! -->Play Riff 1 & Verse Rythym (x??)(Might be another solo. Someone please help!) -->End on E Any corrections/comments/whatever welcome. From Fri May 16 08:30:08 1997 Date: Wed, 07 May 97 08:18:00 PDT From: "McComb, Randolph Capt" To: 'olga' Subject: TAB: Girly by The Refreshments [[ GIRLY.TXT : 2082 in GIRLY.TXT ]] Girly, The Refreshments >From the Album Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy Tabbed by RJ McComb (
Intro E A E A|--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0-(hold)|--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0-(hold)||-15-14-12--9--|-10--9-10--10h12|/15-14-12--9--|-10--9-10--10h12||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------|
E A B B|--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0-------|--0--0--0--0--|----------------||/15-14-12--9--|-10--9-10-10/9--|--7-10--9--7--|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|--4--2--1--0----||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|--------------|----------------|
Verse (Repeat 2 times/verse) E A E A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||----------------|-----2--2-------|----------------|-2-0h2(hold)----||-2--2-----------|-----2--2-------|-2--2-----------|-2-0h2h4--2h4p2-||-2--2-----------|--0-------------|-2--2-----------|-0--------------||-0--0--0h2h3----|----------0-3-0-|-0--0--0h2h3----|----------------|
E A B B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||----------------|----2--2--------|--4-0h2h4-------|----------------||-2--2-----------|----2--2--------|--4-0h2h4-0h2h4-|-2--1-----------||-2--2-----------|--0-------------|--2-------------|------4--2------||-0--0--0h2h3----|----------0-3-0-|----------------|----------------|
Chorus (A)Beat me till I'm (B) Black and blue and my (E) Bodys bloody (A) red... And I can (B) get back up and we can (A) do it all over again Solos The solos start in the area where the intro is played. The first half is all double notes like the intro. Use the same scale as the intros and it will sound fine.
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