Refreshments - Mekong tab

  	 Mekong by The Refreshments Solo Tab

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Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009
From: Alvia Sandberg;
To: All fans of The Refreshments
Subject: Solo TAB: Mekong by The Refreshments

"Mekong", by The Refreshments
Written by Blush, Clyne, Edwards, Naffah
>From the album "Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy"

Transcribed by Alvia Sandberg (


This continues to be one of my favorite Roger Clyne (The Refreshments) songs.  My guitar 
(John Williams) and I spent a couple of sessions many years ago penning this solo out 
I wanted to get it on file before I forgot...again.  Many of the riffs you learn in this song
(from the lead guitarist Brian Blush) he uses in many other Refreshments songs.  Plus, 
one of the easier solos to learn which is great for me :-)

r=return bend (or un-bend)
s/=slide up
s\=slide down

Bend and hold the G-string 7th fret and while holding the bend strike the B and E simultaneously while fingering the 5th fret. Then repeat 5 times total. Listen to song for timing.
This section has one particular -15b16r15- bend section where it's a bend, mute, strike return bend. Bend the E-string up and stop it with your pick which will mute the Then strike the string again while bent and return the string to the unbent position.
There's really no breaks between the above sections of tab, there's only so much room one can fit tabulature before the text gets line fed. Anyway, I hope you have fun with that. Roger Clyne is one of the best song writers EVER!!!!
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