Bartender chords with lyrics by Regina Spektor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Regina Spektor – Bartender chords


Now I knooooooow what youre gonna say. "this doesnt sound like the chords regina plays 
And youre right. it doesnt. But it works with the melody just as well.
I just really wanted to put this song up, cos i love it so.

And its my first tab, so be nice!
And im self taught, so i guess its kinda for novices...feel free to embellish all you 
proper guitarry people out there :)

Capo can be put anywhere, but I personally think either on 3, or just not all sounds nicest...

For this song, i play G as: 320030


G G Caad9 Cadd9 G G Cadd9 Cadd9

G Cadd9Come on Bartender
G Cadd9Wont you be more tender
G Cadd9Give me two shots of whiskey
G Cadd9And a beer chaser
D EmLove will be the death of me
Cadd9 (let it ring...) Love is so fickle Cadd9 (finger pick) Its starts with a flood and ends With a tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-trickle Intro:
C Cadd9Come on bartender
G Cadd9Just a little more tender
G Cadd9I ate all your peanuts
G Cadd9Return me to sender
D EmI've been too candid
Cadd9Now I'm barely standing
Cadd9Just call me a taxi
And prepare me for landing
G D EmOoh, you have got to kick me back out
D Cadd9Into the cold and nasty weather
G DAnd maybe if i sober up
Em D Cadd9I will stop pretending that love is forever
D Cadd9Love is forever
G Cadd9Come on bartender(x3)
D Em Cadd9Love will be the death of me
D Em Cadd9Love will be the death of me
D Em Cadd9Love will be the death of me
Cadd9Love is so fickle
Cause it starts with a flood
GAnd it ends with a tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr trickle
G (one quick strum only!) Trickle
G Cadd9 GCome on bartender
G Cadd9 GCome on bartender
G Cadd9 GCome on bartender
G Cadd9 G There we go chums =] i find it nice, when playing the first part of the verse, play like this: 320030, and then when you get to "love is so fickle..." play it:: 320033. just how I do it. :) And also, i like to instead of all out strumming, pluck the bass E and then strum the 3. So like pluck, strum, pluck strum etc...
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