Regina Spektor - The Wallet chords

G DI found a wallet,
G DI found a wallet
G Bm C DInside were pictures of your small family
C Bm C BmYou were so young, your hair dark brown
C Bm C DYou had been born in 1953
G D G DYour winter birthday was stamped on the plastic
G Bm C DOf a license so recently expired
C Bm C BmI was so tired as I walked through my door
C Bm C DI let all the contents of your wallet on the floor
G CAnd like a holy relic
G COr a mystery novel
G CI thumbed them in the dim light
G A Searching for a clue-
C BmA Blockbuster card,
C BmAn old stick of Juicy Fruit
C Bm C DA crumpled receipt for a pair of leather boots
G DI have no wallet,
G DI have no wallet
G Bm C DI keep my cards together with a blue rubber band
C Bm C BmAnd with a free hand I search in my pocket
C Bm C DFor pieces of, pieces of paper and change
G DI'll take your wallet
G DTo my local Blockbuster
G BmThey'll find your number
C Bmin their computer
C BmYou'll never know me
C BmI'll never know you
C BmBut you will be so happy
C D CWhen they call you up.
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