On The Radio chords with lyrics by Regina Spektor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Regina Spektor – On The Radio chords

Regina Spektor
On The Radio
Begin to Hope

This song is super easy, I play it all the time and the chords work well open or 
barre, and they work for the ukulele too :)

C G Am F

CThis is how it works
GIt feels a little worse
AmThan when we drove our hearse
FRight Through that screaming crowd
CWhile laughing up a storm
GUntil we were just bone
AmUntil it got so warm
FThat none of us could sleep
CAnd all the styrofoam
GBegan to melt away
AmWe tried to find some worms
FTo aid in the decay
CBut all of them were home
GInside their catacomb
AmA million ancient bees
FBegan to sting our knees
CWhile we were on our knees
GPraying that disease
AmWould leave the ones we love
FAnd never come again
CAnd on the radio
GWe heard November Rain
AmThat solo's real long
FBut it's a pretty song
CWe listened to it twice
GCause the DJ was asleep
Am F
CThis is how it works
GYour young until you're not
AmYou love until you don't
FYou try until you can't
CYou laugh until you cry
GYou cry until you laugh
AmAnd everyone must breathe
FUntil their dying breath
CNo, this is how it works
GYou peer inside yourself
AmYou take the things you like
FAnd try to love the things you took
CThen you take that love you made
GAnd stick it into some
AmSomeone else's heart
FPumping someone else's blood
CAnd walking arm in arm
GYou hope it don't get harmed
AmBut even if it does
FYou'll just do it all again
CAnd on the radio
GYou'll hear November Rain
AmThat solo's awful long
FBut it's a good refrain
CYou'll listen to it twice
GCause the DJ is asleep
AmOn the radio
FOn the radio
COn the radio (Uh-oh)
GOn the radio (Uh-oh)
AOn the radio
FOn the radio
C G Am F Enjoy! Meg :)
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