Regina Spektor - Hotel Song tab version 1

-Hotel Song-
-Josh Ritter-
Capo 2nd fret

Intro line: GE|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|---0-2/3-2-0----3-2-0-2-2/3-2-0---------------------|E|-3-----------0------------------3-------------------|
G Sunday night, it's supper time Em The hotel's full and all is fine C You can see that neon no vacancy sign D From the window of room 39 G Monday morning at half past eight Em Everbody's gone they've left no trace C I sit alone as the day grows late D Wait to see your friendly face G Why you chose my hotel Em I'm not real qualified to tell C It's just your face I remember well D When you asked if I had a room to sell G Well, maybe you liked just what you saw Em The cable tv and the indoor spa C Or maybe it was the low low price D G 27 bucks a night. G... Em G* They say the highway is for lovers Em C G* But he ain't no friend of mine Em Coz every time I find my heart C D D* I lose it to that long yellow line G You checked in I checked you out Em You smiled from the corners of your mouth C I turned on the no vacancy sign D As you checked in to room 39 G I saw the light from your tv Em You were watching channel 23 C The night was long, the dark was deep D I kind of cried myself to sleep chorus G Morning broke itself at last Em You got your continental breakfast C Dropped off the key and said goodbye D I think i thought I head you sigh G I caught a glimpse of your license plate Em As you were drifting down the interstate C It said you were from delaware D I said oh it must be gorgeous there chorus repeat last line of chorus, end on G
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