Regine Velasquez – Dont Go tab

Don't Go

Intro: G-D-C-D

      G      D         C       D
You said I lied You screamed I cried
                   G              D
You packed your things you wanna leave
                C                      D
You get the car keys and head for the door

G                               D                      C          D
Now I'm down on my knees I'm begging you please don't go.. don't go
           G                    D                C           D
Don't give up on us now we can work it out dont go... don't go

Maybe I'm wrong and you're right I said I'm sorry don't wanna fight
So calm down and hold me close and dry the tears in my eyes
Repeat Chorus

C              D              C                  D
Why can't we kiss and make-up I don't want to ever break-up
C              D                     C      D
Why can't we forgive and forget And stay together
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