Rehab – Red Water tab

Hey . . this song is great.  Easy chords, Easy to play.  Didn't see chords for it 
so I felt inclined to submit them.  Keep the Lawn Chair High times rollin . .

Red Water by rehab

When i was 12
While checkin' the mail
I was admiring the car
                A       B
of the man next door
and thinkin to myself(man)
one of these days
i'm gonna have me a house lyk that
with a big red door
and his yard was mowed
and his grass was green
and the driveway was edged
and all the shrubs were trimmed so perfectly

I had a crush on his wife
 and I played ball with his son
 I pondered how much money he made
went inside and turned the tv on...

(CHORUS)  E       C#min     G#min      A     B

And he was layin
in an overflowing bathtub of red water
the first and the last time he ever relaxed.
And they said he had a smile on his face
his final offer
the steam on the mirror said 'one more thing to say'

(verse 2) (same as the first)

I was watchin tv
having one of mom's famous rice-krispy treats
watchin tom 'n jerry
i heard a car horn beep
I ran to the window
his wife an son were home
with bags of stuff they had got at the mall
I went in my room and got my glove and ball
i lept off the steps
asked his son could he play
and his son looked at his wife and his wife told his son
i guess itd be ok
that beautiful woman
she walked in that beautiful house
and when i realized i forgot my hat
i said 'i'll be back' and turned around.


(verse 3)  (same as 1 and 2)

There was screaming
There was crying
There were sirens
I thougt I was dreamin
and the sun was shining
It was a beautiful day
His wife was talkin to an officer
thru the noise I heard her say

(chorus x3)
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