Rehab – 1980 chords

(adjust the capo a little because i did this on my uke, so i dont know how high it should go)

Hey, there, pretty little girl (hey, man), 

With your long brown sexy curls (uh, uh). 

You're a hottie, body tight, 

Good, god almighty. 

BAlright, son, hold up,
You need to slow your roll.
F#We've been talking for a while
Now she ain't no hoe.
G#MShe got class, style, pizzazz, and jazz,
EEach smile as a matter of fact.
BShe has me twisted just like she did back then,
F#When the game of gab could be played among friends.
G#MThat's all it was about,
And now to represent.
EWe talked last night around 10.
BAnd I told her.
F#Listen up, cause I love you, lady.
We go back, like, 1980.
G#MLord knows you're the one to change me,
EYou love me cause I'm so crazy.
B F#You'll see, it'll be, you and me,
G#M EAlways, always.
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