Reindeer Section - Where I Fall tab

reindeer section - where i fall (from 'son of evil reindeer')
tabbed by: paul wilson

a simple, beautiful song

capo 3rd fret

verse bite|-----0-----0---------2-----2------|B|-----1-----1---------3-----3------|G|---0-----0-----2---2-----2-----2--|D|-0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0----|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
chorus bite|-------3-----3------(s)-----7-|B|-------3-----3------(s)-----7-|G|-----0-----0-----0--------0---|* hammer on and open g close togetherD|------------------------------|^slide 3 > 7 A B & e, loud on the cdA|-0h2-----3-----3---3(s)7------|E|------------------------------| **** ^^^^^
end bite|----7-----5-----3-----3--|B|----7-----5-----3-----3--|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|A|-7-----5-----3-----3-----|E|-------------------------|
thanks to jeremy folland for a couple of corrections, now updated any problems/corrections/requests etc feel free to email up with the reindeer section! down with snow patrol!
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