Relient K - Merry Christmas Heres To Many More tab

Capo II

Am  Amb6  C  Dm  Em  F  Fm  G  Gm
0    0    0  1   0   1  1   3  3
1    1    1  3   0   1  1   3  3
2    2    0  2   0   2  1   0  3
2    3    2  0   2   3  3   0  5
0    0    3  0   2   3  3   2  5 
0    0    0  x   0   1  1   3  3


Verse 1e|----------------------------------0----------------------------------------0|B|---------1------------1---------1--------------------1----------------------|G|-------2------------0-------0h2-------2---0--------2-------------0-------2--|x2D|---0h2----------0h2-------3---------3---2------0h2-------------2------------| A|-0---------0--3---------3--------------------0---------0---0h2---------3----|E|---------------------------------------------------------0---------0-1------|
Pre-Chorus- (The piano plays in this part but I'll be nice and put the chords down... G Am Amb6 With tired eyes I stumble back to bed. G Em F I need to realize my sorry life's not hanging by a thread, G (crescendo (build up) to chorus) At least not yet. Chorus F So look at me now Am It's finally Christmas and I'm home G F Head indoors, to get out of this weather F Am And I don't know how, but the closest friends I've ever known G Dm are all inside singing together F Fm Singing, Merry Christmas, here's to many more Chorus outro- Amb6 Verse 2- Amb6 Pre-Chorus- no guitar, but at the end crescendo-ing with G (to Chorus) Bridge- C G Deck the halls with mistletoe Dm Am Dm Em May all your heavy burdens go, up the chimney in a cloud of smoke F G The fire's burning bright C G Dm Am Strike up the band and play the tune, cause Christmas will be here and soon Dm Em F G You'll hear our song in every room, this Merry Christmas night (A Capella from here on out but these are the chords) Gm F Fm C Ab Fm C Singing Merry Christmas, here's to many more Hope you like it...if there is any problems you see, please let me know.
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