Relient K - Candlelight chords

Intro*:  Bb       Eb

Verse 1:
Bb To know her is to love her
Eb BbI'm goin' under cover to catch a glimpse but not get caught
Bb EbBut to see her, could be worse, if I don't get my head straight first
BbOn second thought I guess I'll not
Pre-chorus 1:
C EbShe's almost brighter than the sun
Bb C Eb Seems to me to be unfair when you consider everyone who pales when they compare
BbWhen they compare
Bb GmCan’t hold a candle to her, ‘cause all the moths get in the way
BbAnd they’ll begin to chew her entire attire until it frays
C Eb BbShe outshines anyone whoever might dare to bask in the same candlelight
Verse 2:
Bb Oh please, don’t seat us in the back
EbWith all the insects and the trash
BbShe is the lady, I’m the tramp.
Bb Collecting stares from pairs close by
EbThen flutters in the butterfly
BbYou, just a moth drawn to the lamp
Pre-chorus 2:
C EbShe’s like an ancient artifact;
BbSomething you’re lucky to have found
CShe’ll pinch the nerves in all the necks
EbWhen she turns those heads around
BbThose heads around
* = The intro chords are also the chords that are played between chorus/verse/ wherever you like. :P Other notes: - I personally like to play this song with a Capo on the 3rd fret with all the: - Bb to G - Eb to C - Gm to Em
- C to AJust a preference.
- At the end of the actual song, it goes "C, Eb, C, Eb" and then some other chord before resolving at Bb. I can't really figure it out. >_> I guess if you find it out, you could put a comment on my profile about it. - I'm 95% sure I got the right chords here, but just to cover myself, this is just my interpretation so yeh. :P
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