Relient K - Over It chords

Chords are a tad different than standard (mostly just the Bm): G Bm Em D/F# Ce|---3----3----3----3----3----|B|---3----3----3----3----3----|G|---0----2----0----2----0----|D|---0----x----2----0----2----|A|---2----2----2----0----3----|E|---3---------0----2---------|
This style of playing in the key of G should be fairly well known, though, but it's for who don't know it. :P Verse 1:
G BmI'll admit to who I am
Em D/F#The day I come to understand
CI haven't got a clue
C G D/F#* Em D/F#*Been searching for a few years now
Verse 2:
G BmWell if I don't repeat myself
Em D/F#Then I'll change into someone else
CWell I don't quite know who
CBeen searching for a few years now
CI'm over it
D/F#Yeah behind me now
Em GI'm just over it
COver it
D/F#Yeah I'm finding out
Em GI'm just over it
C D/F#No, I don't know what's over just yet
Em G CBut I won't go slow and time can let the mind forget
D/F#* GDon't tell me you don't know
D/F#* EmAlready
D/F#* G(Don't tell me you let go
D/F#* EmAlready)
Verse 3:
G BmI'll protect your universe
Em D/F#Or make a mess to make it worse
CTime will only tell
CYou and no one else so
C D/F#You say you made up your mind and you've finally decided
EmBut those that helped you choose
C D/F# Em CHaven't the slightest clue as to the magnitude of what you're about to lose
Verse 4:
G BmI'm guarded and therefore I can endure
EmA little bit more
D/F#Just a little bit more
CThan some people would
CIf I'm not misunderstood
G BmIt's still an attempt to be egoless while self-assured
Em D/F#If I'm still unsure that I'm pretty sure
CThat I am pretty good
CGod, you know I'm good and
- D/F# can be interchanged with a regular D major chord except for the starred ones sounds better, lol)
- Every chord should be around the place that they're actually played except for the in the chorus because there's no space :\ - The parts of verses where there's two lines of C's can be replaced with: C Em
C D/F# Your choice on which you prefer. However, the verse 1 seems to be just C, at least.
- The only time you actually fully play the chorus is at the end. The first time into
chorus (after verse 2), you end after the first "Already," playing D/F# to go into the G the third verse.
The second time into the chorus (after verse 3), you play/sing the "Don't tell me you
go," but you don't sing the following "Already" and instead play D/F# then C to go into Bridge.
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