Relient K - Rebuild chords

Switchfoot and Relient K

Chords -   E – 079900    A – 577600   B - 799800

Intro - G (Play a G chord up on the 15th fret 6 times, then a normal G chord once)

G Watching the world with my highway eyes.
G G Cadd9 GWatching the world from the windows that I’ve known, these mobile homes
G GLoneliness was a friend of mine, but with you that's through
G Cadd9 G D G D Cadd9And I feel home away from home, away from home, away from home
G Cadd9Oh way oh, we’re the regeneration. Oh way oh, with time to kill.
Em7 D Cadd9Oh way oh, we’re the regeneration. Oh way oh, rebuild, rebuild.
G GYou lit a fire in the pouring rain, but there’s so many noisy voices
Cadd9 G G Oh whoa oh, i get so cold. City lights and the midnight train
G Cadd9 GI hate to say it, but I get caught letting go, of the things I know
Bm Em Bm Cadd9 Do not conform to this. Do not conform.
E E A BEvery life comes with a broken heart, dying to be made whole
E E A BWe are the lost souls with the second start, following the way the builder home
E E A BThere’s a temple I found in the strangest part, where the stones are built of souls
E E C CWhere the builder himself has promised "Love, I’m never gonna let you go. Go-o-o.”
Chorus (x2)
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