Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Relient K - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Relient K – Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care tab ver. 2

                  CRAYONS CAN MELT ON US FOR ALL I CARE          RELIEN K    

Tabbed by:hurricaneherman

This song really only has a piano, and a harp, but I'm tabbing each of these
out for guitar. The chords, are for the piano, and the tab, is for the harp.

NOTE:each chord is strummed slowly(except for the last one)

Bb Gm I just wastede|13------------------------------10------------------------------|B|15------------------------------11------------------------------|G|15------------------------------12------------------------------|D|15------------------------------12------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Cm Ebm Bb Bb Ten seconds of your lifee|15--------------18--------------13------------------------------|B|16--------------19--------------15------------------------------|G|17--------------20--------------15------------------------------|D|17--------------20--------------15------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Crayons can melt on me for all I care, because I just wasted, however long it took you to check this tab out, of your life. This song is one of my favorites of Relint K's, and since it's short, it was easy to tab out correctly. I hope you enjoy this interpretation of the song. Peace, Love, I'm out.
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