Relient K - Pleading The Fifth chords

                           PLEADING THE FIFTH                  RELIENT K     

Tabbed by:hurricaneherman

This song is mostly vocals, but no one else had tabbed this song, so I thought
I might as well do it.

*Chords listed at end


This intro has a bunch of background vocals throughout it.

D       Gmaj7    D    Gmaj7  D  Gmaj7 D Gmaj7 D


(D) F#m7 C GThat night at the theater an impersonator died
Bb F C DMister Booth was tried I just kept the truth inside
F#m7 C GAnd in the courtroom the judge will not catch wind of this
Bb F CUp there on the stand I'll plead the fifth
*Chords used D Gmaj7 F#m7 C G Bb Fe|-----2-----2-----2-----0-----3-----1-----1-----|B|-----3-----0-----2-----1-----0-----3-----1-----|G|-----2-----0-----2-----0-----0-----3-----2-----|D|-----0-----0-----2-----2-----0-----3-----3-----|A|-----x-----2-----4-----3-----2-----1-----3-----|E|-----x-----3-----2-----x-----3-----x-----1-----|
This tab should be 100% correct, but if you find something wrong, you can leave a comment, so I can fix it. I hope you enjoy this interpretation of Pleading the Fifth. =============================================================================
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