Relient K - A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Loafer Earned chords version 1


Tabbed by:hurricaneherman

Here are the chords for Relient K's song "A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny
Loafer Earned" from their album The Bird And The Bee Side.

*Chords listed at end


CBrian and me well we both agree that
GThat penny loafers are absurd
C'Cause I don't know why on earth that you would take your two cents worth
GAnd stick them in your girly shoes
Am Am(maj7) Am7 F(let ring)And Dave replied well after all why not at least us quarters
F F#mSo then you can make a phone call
(F#m) A DIt's finally time time for our victory lap
A D E F#mAssembled in B just one last turn
A DThe matchbox tires spin out on the welcome mat
A D EAnd the fireman are tired men who can't put out the rug burn
F G AmAnd they say cut your hair short and then walk through an airport
Am(maj7) Am7 F AmSo you can dream of destinations
(Am) Am(maj7)Cut your hair short and then walk through an airport
(Am(maj7)) Am7Cut your hair short and then walk through an airport
(Am7) FWhile all the while your singing good vibrations
~CHORUS~ There are three different vocal parts weaving in and out here, but I put down the most prominent.
(F)Your singing good vibrations
Your singing good good good good vibrations Singing good good good good vibrations
CSinging good good good we both agree
FHumming good good good hmm hmm hmm hmm
*Chords used C G Am Am(maj7) Am7 F F#m A D Ee|-----0-----3-----0------0------0-----1-----2-----0-----2-----0-----|B|-----1-----0-----1------1------1-----1-----2-----2-----3-----0-----|G|-----0-----0-----2------1------0-----2-----2-----2-----2-----1-----|D|-----2-----0-----2------2------2-----3-----4-----2-----0-----2-----|A|-----3-----2-----0------0------0-----3-----4-----0-----x-----2-----|E|-----x-----3-----x------x------x-----1-----2-----x-----x-----0-----|
If you want to play that riff after the first G chord, you just play the fifth string open, and then hammer-on to the third fret. ============================================================================= I love this song and had wanted to play it, but no one had put anything up for it(except drums which I don't play), so I tabbed the chords out real quick. I'm also tabbing the whole thing out for guitar pro. Peace, Love, I'm out.
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