Relient K - Bee Your Man chords version 1

                              BEE YOUR MAN                  RELIENT K

Tabbed by:hurricaneherman

Here are the chords for Relient K's song "Bee Your Man", from their album
The Bird And The Bee Sides.

AmWell I watch you wind on down the string
And settle to the ground
E Well I'll give my little hand a yank
AAnd then you'll come back 'round
Well just like me and you babe
DYou're the yo-yo I'm the hand
E Well say you'll be my baby and I
ASwear I'll be your man
The rest is the lead guitar improvising, but I'll put down the lyrics. Hey guys. y'all in the band. y'all pretty good man. I'm in a band now. All right y'all, now it's time for a Tennessee sized oblige to the Good fans of Relient K, for buying the Nashville TennessEP, but Thank you very much from John, Mat, John, Mat, and Dav- Ethan. And I'd Like to conclude with five great things about America. Freedom, Justice, America, and whats that last one, right Taco Bell.
For the strumming pattern, you play the top string of which ever chord you'replaying, and then play the rest of the chord three times. Here's an example. Am------|E-------|e|--0-0-0----0-0-0--|B|--1-1-1----0-0-0--|G|--2-2-2----1-1-1--|D|--2-2-2----2-2-2--|etc.A|0----------2-2-2--|E|---------0--------|
============================================================================= This tab should be 100% correct, but if you happen to find something wrong, you can leave a comment so I can fix it. I hope you enjoy this tab, and that it is easy to follow. Peace, Love, I'm out.
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