Relient K – Life After Death And Taxes tab

Left handed
Hey guys, well heres life after death and taxes.  Sounds good on acoustic, but 
its my first tab so there's no guarantees on how accurate it is.  Sorry about the 
chords not lining up to where they're supposed to be, but its not me its the 
site.  Have fun. 

Bm                                                        D
Hey taxi, send me straight to the heart of it
G                            Asus2             Bm
The nucleus of politics was somebody
D                  Asus2     Bm
Somebody started it
Bm                                               D                            G
Cause they taxed me with a scalpel piece by piece
Bm                                   D                          Asus2                          G
they cut me deep and let me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

And this is how I choose to live 
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
G                                  D
knowing that you'll save me
Asus2                         Bm             Asus2
knowing that you'll save me 
and after all the stupid things I did
there's nothing left that you'd forgive 
G                                         D
because you already forgave me 
Asus2                                    Bm
yeah you already forgave me

Keep driving
leave this deceit miles behind me
G                                     Asus2       D
so far back I'd have to rack my mind  
to just remind me 

Bm                                D
I keep trying to pick myself up 
and then move on 
G                                  Asus2
and think about the life I'll have 
                   Bm                     G
when this fragile one is gone.

Bm            D
Never forget
G                           D                Asus2
there's life after death and taxes

Bm                 D
Forgiveness comes
G                      D
and all of the rest 
              Asus2  Em
is what passes away
Em              A          D    A   Bm
Death and decay can't touch us now

G                                    Asus2                           Bm                      Asus2
Every breath that I inhale is followed by exhaling trust the one who never fails
I know you'll never failed me

Never forget 
there's life after death and taxes
Forgiveness come (forgiveness come)
and all of the rest 
it just passes away

Death and decay can't touch us now
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