Relient K - K Car tab version 1

This is an awsome song and the strum paterns are a little dificult so listen to the
song to find out. I couldn't find out the lead part.

Intro part 1/ versee|-------------------------------|b|-------------------------------|g|-----------------77xx-xx-------|d|---77xx-xx99xx-xx77xx-xx4xx2---|a|---77xx-xx99xx-xx55xx-xx4xx2---|E|---55xx-xx77xx-xx-------2xx0---|
Intro part 2/ choruse|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|b|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|g|-------|-------|---7---|-------|-------|d|---7-8x|---9-8x|---7-8x|---4-4x|---2-4x|a|---7---|---9---|---5---|---4---|---2---|E|---5---|---7---|-------|---2---|---0---|
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