Relient K - For The Band tab

This is a pretty rare song off of their EP "Employee of the Month" This is my first tab 
if there is any mistakes correct it please. The reason I did this was because this 
didn't have any tabs for this song so i though they ought to have it because its pretty rad. enjoy.

INTRO RIFF(Repeat 4X)e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|--7-7-77---------------------------------|D|--7-7-77--7-7--77-777-4-4-44--2-2-22-222-|A|--5-5-55--7-7--77-777-4-4-44--2-2-22-222-|E|----------5-5--55-555-2-2-22--0-0-00-000-|
VERSE RIFF(Repeat 2X for each verse) - Palm mute the whole thing except for the x's. are some weird stroke thing i can't do. you have to go up and down really fast.e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--77777777--------------------------xx7-xx7--------------------------|D|--77777777777777774444444422222222--xx7-xx7-xx7-xx7-xx4-xx4-22222222-|A|--55555555777777774444444422222222--xx5-xx5-xx7-xx7-xx4-xx4-22222222-|E|----------555555552222222200000000----------xx5-xx5-xx2-xx2-00000000-|
PRE CHORUS CHORDS - you have to strum these chords. i don't know the exact way, so just to the song or do it any way you want.e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|--7---------------7---------|D|--7-------7-------7-------9-|A|--5-------7-------5-------9-|E|----------5---------------7-|
MAIN CHORUS CHORDS(Repeat2X) - what is above applies here.E|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------9-------7-------9-|D|--7-------9-------7-------9-|A|--7-------7-------5-------7-|E|--5-------------------------|
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