Relient K - Skittles And Combos tab

Skittles and combos

These chords are for the piano and I'm 99% sure they're right 
but its up to you to figure out wich keys to hit cause there is different 
ways to play them have fun!

E                                       A  
So this is how the story goes, we want everybody to know,

E                                     A                                          B     F#    A   B
we love skittles and combos, so bring some to our next show.

E                                          A
From our head down to our toes, we love skttles and combos,

E                                                A
so if you want to see our faces glow, just bring some to our 

           B   F#   A   B
next show.

C#m                  Ab aug.           E                  F#
Denying combos, refusing skittles, I admit those, words

                 A                          B                                 A    E    A    E
hurt a little, but we know it'll be ok if you just send our way.
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