Up And Up Acoustic tab with lyrics by Relient K - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Relient K – Up And Up Acoustic tab

from new album the bird and the beeside

tuning standard


that whole riff gets looped until: ...cause it seems i get so hung up on... use these chords:
A B C# EE--0-----0-----0-----0-|B--0-----0-----0-----0-|G--2-----4-----6-----1-|D--2-----4-----6-----2-|A--0-----2-----4-----2-|E--x-----x-----x-----0-|
Pre-chorus: A B Cuz it seems I get so hung upon C# The history of what's gone wrong A And the hope of the new day E B Is sometimes hard to see A B And I'm finally catching onto it C# Yeah the past is just a conduit A E B And the life there at the end is where i'll be E/Eb :::then the chorus adds one more chord - E--0-- B--0-- G--9-- D--9-- A--7/6 E--x-- Chorus: A B Cuz I'm on the up and up C# I'm on the up and up A And I haven't given up B Given up on what C# I know I'm capable of A B And I'm on the up and up C# Yeah there's nothing left to prove E /Eb Cuz I'm just trying to be C# B A better version of me A For you A better version of me For you ::then everything stays the same until.. Bridge: C# You never cease A To supply me with What I need For a good life E So when I'm down I'll hold my head up high B Cuz you're the reason why.. ::back to chorus:: so it goes..intro verse pre-chorus chorus intro verse pre-chorus chorus bridge chorus intro listen and play it will all work out and come together
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