Rem – Man Sized Wreath tab ver. 2

Man-Sized Wreath by REM (off Accelerate 2008)
Transcribed by:  Jeff Martin
Tuning:  Standard

I think the opening riff can be done 3 ways (it's a G chord), what ever suits you.  Here
the three options:

Option 1: (the Thumb frets the low E string and the index finger frets both the high E
the B strings.) 

|-3-3-3h5p3------||-3-3------3h5p3-||----------------||----------------||----------------||-3-3------------|X2 T T
Option 2:
Option 3: (as previously described) (you could fret the low E at the 3rd fret with your if you like, but you don't have to)
|-3-3-3h5p3------||-3-3------3h5p3-||-4-4------------||-5-5------------||----------------||-3-3------------| T T
The Verse(s) are played mostly in variations of a G chord where the ring finger hammers B string at the 3rd fret (the D note) while the E and A strings ring out. I seems to tab, but I will try. There are variations of this throughout the song... but this to be the theme. Verse 1 & 2: Pt. 1:
Pt 2: (Db7 chord) Note: listen to the song for the rhythm an the hammer on, on the B It's there for sure.
Play Verse Pt. 1 & 2 again. Pre-chorus/Chorus: The chord progression is: Am-Dsus2 (sometimes D)-Bm-E-C-G-D The Tab:
Am Dsus2 Bm E C G D|----0-------0-------2------------0-3-2-||-----1-------3-------3------0----1-0-3-||---2--2----2--2----4--4------1---0-0-2-||--2----2--0----0--4----4---2--2--2-0-0-||-0-------0-------2--------2----2-3-2-0-||-------------------------0-------0-3-0-|X1
Verse 2: Same as Verse 1. Pre-Chorus/Chorus 2: Same as 1st (BUT PLAY 2X) Opening Riff X1 Verse 3: Same as Verses 1 and 2. Pre chorus/Chorus 3: Same as 1st (BUT PLAY 3X) Anyways, It's all there. REM make a purdy good record! Athens GA! Peace.
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