Rem – Houston tab

			     Houston - R.E.M.
Tabbed by: MisterJones
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Tuning: Standard

D5     xx023x
Am7    x0201x
C      x3201x
G      32000x
F5/D   xx056x
E5/D   xx045x
D*     xx7710x
C*     xx558x 

| F5/D | E5/D |
| D5 | Am7 | C | G |
| D5 | Am7 | Fill1 |
| D* | C* | (3x)
| F | G |

Fill1: C Ge|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-------3-2-0-2---|E|-----------------|
Fill2: Ce|---------5-7-----|B|-------8---------|G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Notes: In the verse it seems that Peter does not hit the high e string but he strums every chord once and then the stays at the melodic strings til the next chord. D5 Am7 If the storm doesn't kill me C G the government will D5 Am7 Fill1 I've gotta get that out of my head D Am7 C G It's a new day today and the coffee is strong D Am7 Fill11 I finally got some rest So a man's put to task and challenges I was taught to hold my head high Collect what is mine, Make the best of what today has D* C* Fill2 Houston is filled with promise D* C* Laredo's a beautiful place D* C* Fill2 and Galveston sings like that song that I loved F G Its meaning has not been erased And so there are claims forgiven And so there are things that are gone Houston is filled with promise Laredo is a beautiful place and Galveston sings like that song that I loved Its meaning has not been erased F And some things, they fall to the wayside G D5 Their memory is yet to be stilled F Belief has not failed me G D5 And so I am put to the test
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